Suisse Mania


Suisse Mania is an immersive experience based on cutting edge WebGL-Technology. You’ll dive into a interactive journey over a huge 3D-Map of a small country. With this promotional site, Migros as the largest retail company, raises the awareness of Switzerland and its broad diversity to their daily customers. Get on the hot air balloon and explore Switzerland in a whole new way.

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My Role

Project Lead, Strategy, Game Design, UX Design, Art Direction, Visual Design, Technical Writing




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Michael Volkart, Michael Hinderling, Micheal Bischof, Gérald Marolf, Danilo Maag, Tunay Bora, Alfatih Al Zouabi, Selina Steinmann, Natalia Durrer, Markus Amann, Daniel Mauno Pettersson, Johan Steffner, Kiwi Holmberg, Max Delic, Albin Ekblom, Viktor Gardart, Johannes Söderberg, Rikard Herlitz, Stefan Hedman, Joakim Areschoug, Nils Friberg


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