Freelancer (WIP)

This page and it's content is currently under construction. In the near future you'll find here information about my services, availability and rates.


How much are the costs?
My pay is average for the field. Every project is different and my quotes reflect that. I'm pleased to prepare a quotation. Contact Me

How long does a project take?
On average, a project takes from two weeks to three months for a website.

How do you deliver?
I use Dropbox or Invision, usually sending all source files and other assets when final payment is received.

Where do you work?
Usually in Zurich and sometimes remotely from abroad. If it makes sense for a certain project, I'm also willing to relocate.

Do you also code?
No. I got a deep understanding in programming, but I'll only be the director in this process. We can hire developers who are much faster and more efficient for that job.


Art Direction, Brand Identity, Brand Writing, Concept Development, Digital Publishing, Naming, Product Design, Research and Strategy, Responsive Web Design, UI / UX Design, Video Direction.