Goodbye Station

Sometimes we have to change our path. Whether you move out of parents home, break off a relationship or switch the job, it’s always good as long as you grow. After 4 years it is now time for me to move on.

Station, Inc. picked me up as an absolute greenhorn. I had no clue how an agency works and far less how my daily grind would look like. Now I leave as a Pro, a young man with the spotlight of recruiters on my head, one who can realise big scale projects and take the full responsibility for valuable brands.

«Why are You leaving?» No single colleague asked me this question. I think that’s a good sign, I think they all knew. There were so many reasons to stay. I will miss the rumor talks with OZ, Mr. Stoll’s theories, laughing with Florence, having lunch at the river with Thomas, playing pool with Dennis and all other little things that have kept me there for so long.

But the truth is, I’ve stopped evolving, on the contrary I was getting comfortable with the familiar and the routines. As a result, my work didn’t satisfy me anymore and at some point I realised, that I had to break out of my comfort zone to move on in life.

The decision is made, and I’m happy to announce that I will join the very talented folks at Hinderling Volkart with the beginning of December. I think this is going to be a successful time, a different time.

I am very grateful for all experiences I gained with the team. As you can see there were many…

Bye Alisha, Shalom Annina, Cheers Beda, Take care Carmela, All the best Connie, Adios David, Ciao Debbie, See you soon Dennis, Adieu Fabienne, God bless you Florence, Goodluck Ismael, Salut Karin, Dream on Laura, Keep smiling Luisa, Sayonara Mike, See you around Miro, Hasta la vista OZ, Some other time Paula, Have fun Patman, Thank You Mr. Stoll, Farewell Simon, Keep it up Thomas …

… Goodbye Station!